Planning the Management of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Planning the Management of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

If you have any symptom of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), it is important to discuss with your physician. The healthcare professional will ask some questions about your condition.

They may ask:

  • How do you feel your symptoms?
  • What kinds of anxieties or worries do you have?
  • How are your worries affecting your daily activities?
  • Are you anxious or worried about any physical health condition?
  • Do you have or have had any other mental health condition?
  • Have you had any treatments before for generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)?
  • Have previous treatments helped manage your GAD?
  • Do you have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

During the discussion, they will build a good relationship with you depending on your understanding and openness. They should always respect your privacy, confidentiality, and dignity. Throughout the care, they will explain the management process, available facilities, and respect your preferences too. You should be informed about support groups, self-help groups, and helplines for patients with generalised anxiety disorder, where you can meet and talk to people with comparable experiences.

It is better you to ask your healthcare professional and know the answers to following questions.

  • What is generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)?
  • What are the management options available for GAD?
  • Who can offer your treatments?
  • What should you do in a crisis?
  • Who can you contact in a crisis?
  • Can your carers or family get any information about GAD and its management?


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