Tips for Healthy Nails

Tips for Healthy Nails

  • Keep your nails clean and dry.
  • Avoid soaking your nails for a long time.
  • Use hand moisturizer.
  • Trim and file nails just after bathing.
  • Trim and file nails regularly.
  • Cut your nails directly across, after that round their tips in a smooth curve.
  • Avoid the use of nails as tools to poke, pick, or pry things.
  • Do not bite fingernails.
  • Apply nail polish to keep up the moisture in nails.
  • Restrict nail polish removers. Do not use them more than once a week.
  • If you need to use nail polish remover, use an acetone-free one.
  • Do not peel or scrape nail polish.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet.


(Photo courtesy: Robynlou Kavanagh)


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