A Few Recent Findings About Sleep

A Few Recent Findings About Sleep

There are certain recent findings about sleep, which may be important for your knowledge as well as your health.

  • Sleep deprivation causes increased anxiety levels.
  • Sleep deprivation impairs the skills and mental capacity significantly.
  • Extra studying during nights with sleep deprivation causes higher failure rates.
  • Good sleep can make you thin by optimising your diet and physical activities. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can activate genes related to obesity. Adequate sleep (nine hours or more) can inhibit the activity of those genes.
  • Lack of sleep suppresses the immunity significantly.
  • Lack of sleep affects the certain areas of your brain and motivates you to eat unhealthy foods. Then, you will consume more calories and become obese.
  • People, who sleep eight hours or more, have a higher risk for ischaemic heart disease (heart attack), congestive cardiac failure, and stroke.
  • Lack of enough sleep (less than six hours) causes an increased risk of getting a stroke due to hormonal changes and increased blood pressure.


(Photo courtesy: Pedro Ribeiro Simões)


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