Control Hypertension

10 Tips To Control Hypertension

Certain tips help control blood pressure in people with hypertension. They include medications and modification of your lifestyle as well as diet.

  1. Take your anti-hypertensive drugs properly.
  2. Do moderate intensity physical activities (such as brisk walking, general gardening, or cycling) for 30-45 minutes a day at least five days a week.
  3. Keep up your Body Mass Index in between 18.5 and 24.9.
  4. Read labels of foods. Choose low-salt, low-fat, and low-sugar foods.
  5. Limit your salt intake. It should be less than 2.4g per day.
  6. Eat more soluble fibre containing foods such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes, and nuts.
  7. Eat low-fat or non-fat dairy products.
  8. Limit or stop alcohol consumption.
  9. Stop smoking.
  10. Limit meats and poultry. Eat lean proteins such as chicken breast, egg white, beans, fish, and other seafood.


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