Chlorogenic acid

Health Benefits of Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is an ester found in the green coffee extract, potatoes, peach, and prunes. It cuts the release of glucose into the blood after having a meal and increases the fat metabolism in the liver. Therefore, chlorogenic acid can control the blood sugar in diabetic patients, prevent diabetes mellitus, and reduce your body weight.

Chlorogenic acid increases the synthesis of adiponectin, a hormone, which is secreted by fat tissues. This adiponectin inhibits fat tissue formation and promotes energy expenditure, burning fat in the body. The combination of adiponectin and leptin (a hormone secreted by fat tissues) helps improve insulin resistance.

Chlorogenic acid acts as an antioxidant, and neutralises free radicals, which damage the cells in your body. It also prevents platelet cell aggregation (sticking together) and unnecessary blood clot formation in the vessels. This process can lower the risk of heart disease, and stroke.

It can lower triglyceride level in the blood, fat tissues, liver, and the heart. Chlorogenic acid also cuts the cholesterol level in the blood, fat tissues, and the heart.


(Photo courtesy: Alexandre Duret-Lutz)


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